Monday, 1 August 2016

What’s Wrong With Your Website?

If you buy a new household appliance or have something electrical or electronic fitted in your home or office, I wonder exactly how long you spend reading the instruction manual that usually accompanies it. Whether it is a folded sheet of A4 or some mighty tome of information, very few of us ever give it more than a cursory glance for diving in and having a go.
Of course, it might just be a new kettle; surely a kettle is like any other kettle? You fill it with water, plug it in and then it switches itself off; maybe it whistles to let you know what there is boiling water for tea or whatever. We all know how to use a kettle; this is partly because the basic design of a kettle has not changed in hundreds of years and an electric kettle has not changed since it was invented in 1922, the water goes in there, and this bit plugs in and here is the switch to press and off we go.


Muddling through?

We also take his attitude to things we are not so familiar with. We try things out and often succeed - to a point - by just muddling through. No matter that we might miss features or perhaps not be aware of any easier way, we just carry on. All this time we are forming some mental model of how things work in often explaining to ourselves why something happened that we didn't expect, usually blaming ourselves for any mistakes or malfunction.

If something is too complicated, most people would just abandon it. Either they reject it completely - by using it less often because it is just too much trouble - or, more likely, the ignore the complicated features (often in missing out the best bits) and just use the basic functions. For example, I have a juicer that makes fantastic healthy juice from fruit and vegetables. It's a great pick me up first thing in the morning, helps with the five a day thing, and I get all my vitamins and so on. However, it takes 10 minutes to dismantle the juicer to clean it and I just don't have the time

Hands up if you have ever successfully programmed your Sky or BT box for a TV programme that was on when you were away on holiday or business. If it worked, are you sure it wasn't a fluke?

How things Work?

In life, we function perfectly well with that ever really understanding what is going on around us or how things work. For example, over 70% of adults in the UK hold a valid driving licence; it is logical to assume that most of them probably drive a car at some point. How many of those do you think could explain the principles and process of an internal combustion engine, unless of course, they were a car mechanic or maybe a Top Gear addict? Come to think of it, how many car mechanics could provide anything more than a basic explanation? I know car mechanics all over the country will hate me for this but in my experience, the knowledge of a car mechanic mostly consists of this bit needs to be tightly attached to that bit if this happens if you need to turn this bit until the light goes on and so on. There also just muddling through but with a little (or in some cases a lot) more knowledge and experience of cars than everyone else.

It's the same online; hardly anyone knows how the web works; or cares for that matter. Even the last ten years, in our online marketing activities we have observed literally hundreds of people using the Internet on making the same mistakes over and over again. However clear the explanation may be, it is often no difference; they just can't shift that mental model they have created - largely because there is no need to. It is astonishing to observe actions that so many thinks are the 'right ways' of doing something or the reactions of others how to think it is their fault if something doesn't work as they expect. The classic example of this is the vast number of people I have seen who habitually type the web address, complete with into Google or some other search engine like Yahoo. This is not because they have been taught to do it, and they have certainly never read it in a set of instructions, but because they think this is how the Internet works. Google or Yahoo or whatever has become their home page either by default or accident and so it is always there starting point.

web design edinburgh

Conventions In Web Design

In reality, people learn to use things by experience in their day to day lives and not usually from books or training courses (user experience).  If you use a specific thing often enough, it becomes normal - convention. This doesn't mean it is the best way or the right way; it becomes the most common way, and providers, as well as users, adopt these conventions because people are familiar with them and therefore know how to use them.
Take cars for example. In virtually every car the accelerator is on the right, so it is a convention. If you were to design a car with the accelerator in a different place, it would be hard for people to learn to adapt to. It would be likely to inherit the adoption of the design and therefore sales, so no-one does it.

The same thing applies to websites and web design. To ensure that people have the best possible chance of finding your website easy to use, and therefore using it, then you must - as much as possible - stick to conventions. It is no surprise that the great website usability guru Jakob Nielsen point out that since people use other websites more than yours (as there are millions of them out there), this means that they learn what is 'normal' from other websites not from your website. To get the best possible result from a website we need to stick to the conventions that have developed and have been adopted as normal over the last few years, even if we think we can do it better.

It has never been a good idea to try to reinvent the wheel. However, during the relatively short history of the web, this is exactly what has happened again and again. The Internet is littered with websites that are virtually impossible to use or find. Interestingly, they often contain the same features and items that users dislike the most.
You may be one of the unfortunate on misguided who were unlucky enough to invest in something that seemed like a good idea or was the latest thing at the time, only to find you are now in possession of a big fat white elephant.

So how do you go about identifying if you are in this position with your website?
It can be a hard pill to swallow, what is statistically likely that the website that you currently have is not providing the outcomes that you expected when you commissioned and published it a few years ago (or even this year for that matter).

In particular, if you went down the economy route and commissioned a website solely because it was the cheapest option or developed it yourself using a tool or template you bought online for £35, there is a high probability that it is not really suitable as a promotional tool for your business or as beneficial as you might like to think it is.

Local SEO Edinburgh works on a daily basis in improving the online presence of small businesses. We can offer help and advice for anything from web design or web development to social media marketing and search engine optimisation.

Article Source Here: What’s Wrong With Your Website?

Sunday, 31 January 2016

Why Your Business Needs A Professional Social Media Marketer

It is normally very well to stay clear of doing social networks advertising and marketing on your own.
Local SEO Edinburgh has encountered in all locations of social networks advertising as well as has the understanding and also proficiency in marketing your company efficiently on all the social networks channels offered consisting of Twitter, Google+ and also Facebook.
The earlier you end up being energetic in Social network the much better as you could be certain your rivals are currently utilizing the power it supplies.

Social network Advertising is a daily task that has to be done correctly

You have to tweet each day consistently or upload updates on Google+ weekly. If you can not do it appropriately after that do not also attempt. Achieving success with social networks advertising suggests TIME, every little thing on social networks takes bunches of time. You are a professional within your company, we are professionals in social networks so allow us to look after it for you.

Effective social networks take some time as well as the initiative that many small company proprietors have little of after difficult days function.

A significant error companies have is attempting to market themselves on social networks and also making a hash of points. Simply since you utilize Twitter or Facebook on an individual degree does not mean you could market your company effectively. This is the most likely incident that we see each day. If you have no expertise of ways to effectively interact with individuals using social networks, you are squandering your valuable time.

Allow Local SEO Edinburgh do the effort.

Every company must currently recognise the significance of social networks advertising for their own internet visibility. Undeniably, it is without a doubt the most effective method to discover brand-new consumers and also create an even more solid company that could have a greater conversion price as a result of its targeted nature. Much like video clip advertising, it's ended up being the advertising option for several companies as a result of its expense efficiency as well as fast returns.

Could Social network Actually Make A Distinction

Behind every effective company today, you'll locate a much more effective social networks project that are run by specialist social networks marketing professionals. Social network enables you to enlighten your viewers on that your firm is as well as just how ideal make them right into authentic consumers. Facebook, as an example, allows you develop a connection with individuals that are within your suitable market as well as without social networks would certainly never ever have the opportunity to discover you. It produces a brand name passion that is typically exceptionally challenging to attain

Local SEO Edinburgh produces projects that will certainly create a passion that urges customers to comply with as well as speak about your product and services, we strive at creating material that individuals like.

When you use the solutions of to care for your social networks projects you could be certain that we'll enhance points daily.
We have actually been materialising distinctions for businesses of all dimensions while handling their social networks projects.

Get in touch with us and find out how we could develop your social networks success.

Wednesday, 20 January 2016

SEO And Domain Structures

Firms with countless internet websites throughout numerous countries have a variety of selections to create on simply exactly how they structure their different websites.

However just what are the benefits and also drawbacks of each?

In this article, we'll take a look at the different strategies picked by significant companies to expose exactly just what type of domain structure method they used across their family members of global sites.

At Local SEO Edinburgh, we have highlighted 4 elements to think about when selecting your domain.

Different domain name structures

There are thoroughly 4 possible techniques:

  1. Sub-domain structure (e.g. v
  2. Separate language/ area sub-directories (e.g. etc).
  3. Different TLDs (e.g. v
  4. Various names (e.g. v

Some websites will certainly use a mix of these frameworks.

International subdomain framework

A sub-domain structure for worldwide websites makes sense from an organisational viewpoint, as you could provide freedom to nationwide departments quickly, or have a much more main administration.

Nonetheless, the sub-domain then needs to take different languages right into account and this can create troubles.

As we've checked out recently, there's a danger of sub-domain cannibalisation with this technique.

This is considering that Google will normally only feature one sub-domain from the very same website in the SERPs each term, even if they supply various content. As well as in some cases the dispute between domains means a percentage of website traffic goes to the 'wrong' web page.

And also, an instance can be found on Tommy Hilfiger's website. Below, in outcomes for Google UK, the UK domain has been superseded by its United States counterpart for months at once.

Various language/ place sub-directories

Nike carries out a solitary internet site with different sub-directories for places along with languages for its strategy.

This framework ought to function well for a centralised business like Nike which can provide equivalent material throughout its places.

Nonetheless, this likewise offers an issue as different landing websites could possibly contend versus each other. Making it more difficult in obtaining the right website to price in the UK SERPs.

Different TLDS/ names

If you have a reasonably decentralised company, after that separate domains can be an excellent option. There are downsides though.

For one, acquiring the exact same name throughout various regions isn't really always simple. As an instance, if a company was set up in Europe after that it's likely to have address. This indicates the name has to be altered for the United States market.

The semantic movement takes place when 2 or, much more, associated domain exist side-by-side in the SERPs for the exact same search term, along with Google can not separate between them as a result of replicate theming.

Google sees the comparable material, treating them as the same domain name as well as offering locations to simply individually.

A site with and also however yet the material is virtually comparable indicates the US as well as UK websites handle each other.

What works best?

We would certainly suggest for any sort of kind of company that the most effective established is the folders, directory site set up. For Search Engine Optimization reasons it ought to be a lot more straightforward to look after. Nonetheless, there is all kind of worries that could accompany individuals from various markets ending up on the wrong language websites. Different other problems could a lot even more easily occur throughout a number of sites so a solitary site can be the finest alternative.
There are benefits and drawbacks with each strategy and a lot has to do with the technique which the approach is accomplished. It could be best to use the different domain names strategy, however, by utilizing almost the very same material on the web pages it damages its search visibility.

We could also look at Google right here: is it doing sufficient to surface the proper pages? Should it continually index web pages domain name on any sort of sort of Google UK search for circumstances?

Contact Local SEO Edinburgh for more information.

Wednesday, 28 October 2015

9 Easy SEO Tips To DIY

At Local SEO Edinburgh we have put together 9 easy tips to get your website on the right track and all by doing-it-by-yourself.
<H1>–> What’s the first element search engines look at? Headers. Why? To determine what the page is about. Headers also help to organise the page structure, improving the user experience.
Code validation –> In order for a search engine to read your page, this needs to be free of errors. Using a validator (HTML, CSS) you can make sure the code on your web page complies with the standards set by the W3 Consortium, the organisation that issues the HTML and CSS standards.
See full image here

URL –> Does your URL structure matters with your overall traffic? Should you add keywords on your URLs? According to Neil Patel from Quicksprout it’s a ‘grey area’ type of answer. 
Internal links –>Helping search engines know what is your page about ensuring you are linking your pages to each other, appropriately. 
Indexing pages –> Your website will be recognized by search engines if its pages are indexed. 
Footer links –> You should use it to place links, like your secondary navigation, but, be cautious, some businesses have had penalties due to the amount of anchor text placed on their website coming from their footer links. 
Images –> Avoid using images as links. 
Socializing –> Also referred as Social SEO. ‘… users interacting and communicating with other users and uploading or sharing content. The crossover between the two is called social SEO…’ Search engines grant businesses ranking by counting their social interactions with users, like, Google+ circles, Facebook Likes, Followers on Twitter.
Tidy your files –> Same way you show users how to reach your content, you should help search engines by structuring your website files. 
Go on, try them today and let us know how easy it was…or if you need some help.

Tuesday, 8 September 2015

Great Tips For Optimising Your Google+ Business Page


The local listings that Google shows in its search results has made considerable changes
Google has replaced the leading seven results with simply the 3 top results This makes getting your business displayed on the 1st page of Google more difficult and reinforces the fact that you need to work hard on completing your profile and regularly update it.
Here we have some tips to keep in mind when completing your Google+ business page
Create a Google+ profile and then add a business page. Google My Business handles your page through it's dashboard
Verify your business by having a card sent through the post. Through having your business verified you can add further information to your page. Failing to verify your business can result in it not to appear in Google results.
Make sure your business has not have numerous listings. These will harm your profile and rank in Google. Edit all duplicates.

Your Business Info

Ensure sure your NAP(Name Address Phone) is exactly the same across all your social media accounts and your website. Google looks on any errors as a harmful ranking problem. You are unable to use Post Box numbers for your business location on Google and you also are unable to use free phone phone numbers.
Google allows you to register your home address as your main business address and do this with several businesses.

Always Finish Your Information

Failure to completely fill out your business information will normally reduce your effectiveness in Google Adding lots of info to your profile is a positive step you should always complete, also add links to your website.
Geo-Tag every image you upload to google, this give positive signals about your location. Also remember to add alt descriptions to your images.
Hopefully this advice will start you off on the right foot. If you require more help and advice contact us a The advice given here will hopefully help you improve your Google+ profile and ranking. Contact Local SEO Edinburgh for more information.

Wednesday, 19 August 2015

How To Optimise Your Website With Animations

Does you website have all the bells-and-whistles? That was the question a couple of moons back...
And do you remember how tired and frustrated you would get waiting for them to load in?
Every website was about the dancing. Full with annoying graphics and sounds moving from all directions.

Ohh, those were the days…
Did it make for a better user experience? We thought it did… at the time.

Would we do it today?  Most definitely not!

Since businesses realized the importance of their online presence, so have designers and developers. Gone are the days where designers would force their wacky ideas onto the developers, who very happily ‘translate’ them into code.

In all honestly, most of them were really impressive and in line with the trends of the day although it wouldn’t work due to browsers restrictions.

A virtual marriage made in heaven since the ideas bounced from one to the other with the user and client out of the equation.

On those days everything was game.

Then the industry grew and realized it needed to create and standardize some rules and bring the user to the limelight.
And UX became the question to answer. With user’s expectations to take into consideration and businesses embracing the vast possibilities of the benefits of their online presence pushed designers and developers to work together to help those businesses to achieve their goals. Common sense really...
  1. you are on business only if you have a client
  2. you have a client if you do what they want you to do
  3. but…you need to listen to the client and observe the end-user
Nowadays, there are still many websites that don’t follow the rules. Design wise they are outstanding, but from the user’s point of…use…they don’t really work.

See it closer

So, how do you incorporate animation to UX functionality?

When developing a new project there are some points to consider to implement animation without going OTT:
  1. Think of engaging users, keep them on the page by explaining any changes, use new technology to transmit up-to-date brand.
  2. Plan where, what and why.  Your animations should be in the right place to make sure the users see them at the right time. Let users see the content, bring attention to their actions to guide them to your goals.
  3. Don’t let users get lost. Focus on your navigation, keep it simple and always show the users where they are and/or how did they get there.
  4. Predict their interactions to make them feel you’re listening. It’s important to provide the user with the appropriate immediate feedback (show & tell) to reassure them their action was right (reducing uncertainty and increasing happiness), like colour-button changes or progress indicators.
Once you've analysed your audience you'll be ready to implement some animation.

Our Key Points

Whether you are developing a project or getting to know your website, there are two points to keep in mind to help you optimise your website to the full:

– Functionality – achievable by giving your users the right tools to use your website.  This will help them to identify your website’ features, release your website’s potential and enhance the user’s experience. Pay attention when designing shopping carts, forms and email links.

– Optimise– by adding options to the users experience you will increase their time on your website, giving them a positive impression and time to accomplish their tasks. All these will be reflected on your analytics’ numbers. 

Here's a short example of why should you consider paying attention to your UX to help your website optimisation and subsequently, climb up on the search engine ranks.

We love videos, animation, calls-to-action, maps, forms, visual design, social media…everything helps, and adding functionality to a website will improve its position on search engines…if done right of course.

As web designers and developers we will love to help and advise on technical factors that can affect your rankings.

Let Local SEO Edinburgh build an effective online marketing campaigns that effectively target the right customers.

Wednesday, 12 August 2015

Top of Google without backlinks???

Does you website still need a high number of backlinks to appear on the first page of google?
Judging by the success we've had in ranking our website in various search engines leads us to believe that backlinks are becoming less of a ranking factor.

For the last 8 months Local SEO Edinburgh have been focusing on trying to rank our website for the term "seo edinburgh". Within this time we have made little attempt to acquire backlinks from other websites apart from listing ourselves in business directories such as and Thomson.

Our main activity over this period has been the creation of quality content for syndication to our social media profiles. The search term 'seo edinburgh' gets approximately 280 searches per month, sites that are currently listed on page 1 of google have up to 400,000 back-links and aged domains of nearly 13 years.

Our website has around 5 backlinks and was created in march 2015.

What does this mean?

The world of online marketing and SEO are changing. Forget about buying your way to the top of google or employing techniques that are seen as 'black hat'. Success is now obtained through producing quality content that keeps your visitors on your site for longer. You also have to replicate what your main competitors are doing and more.

How can you achieve this?

Having a well built social media presence is the place to start.
At the very minimum you need accounts on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and of course Google+.
You need to continually create content that your site visitors will find interesting. Quality content is becoming the number one ranking factor with search engines.

Googles algorithm identify quality content by the amount of sharing your content receives and by amongst other things the amount of time spent on your site.

As a business owner you know doubt have little time to produce such content. You concentrate on running your business and let others run your online marketing.
Having to update your content on a daily rate is a difficult task for many businesses. It's easy to begin a social media campaign but not so easy to continually update your profile with fresh content over the days and months ahead.

To have any sort of success you need to employ the help of an online marketer.

Let Local SEO Edinburgh build online marketing campaigns that effectively target the right customers.
As web developers we can also assist with help and advise on technical factors that can affect your rankings.